Meeting Your Commercial Janitorial Maintenance Needs

As 17 year members of the Hawaii Employers Council, our Human Resource staff is up to date with all the latest applicant screening and due diligence procedures, so you can be sure we are staffing your facility with competent & trustworthy personnel. The continuous training & development of our management & supervisory personnel are just a few of the ways we attract and keep high quality leaders to service all your needs.

Please visit our Happy Customers page to view several of our references. We have provided names and phone numbers of both current and past customers that we really want you to speak with. We are certainly not perfect and we're not ashamed to admit that, but I am sure all our customers will agree that when something isn’t right we will be certain to get it corrected quickly and courteously.

Bob Sage - Founder & President“For the past 15 years we have provided janitorial cleaning services in commercial buildings throughout the state of Hawaii. Starting with one part time janitor and one customer in April 2000, today our 140 employees service over 340 buildings. We are fully committed to see that our employees are happy and well cared for because we know that happy employees beget happy customers.

So whether you are looking for a cleaning service for your building or a great place to work, you’ve come to the right place and we are looking forward to meeting you”.

Bob Sage
Founder & President